What have we got going on? Glad you asked. Here you can find out who is coming on the show, where you can download it to your phones and other devices, and why you might consider subscribing.

Our upcoming guest list

Episode 001 – Hal Duncan : available now!

Episode 002 – Neil Williamson : due 20/12/18

Episode 003 – Cat Hellisen : due 03/01/18

Episode 004 – Stewart Horn : due 17/01/19

Episode 005 – Brian M. Milton : due 31/01/19

Episode 006 – Chris Napier & Don Redwood : due 14/02/19


Coverage – where you can find us right now

Apart from this website, you can get our content onto your mobile devices with these services:

  • iTunes (Apple Podcasts)
  • Spotify
  • Acast
  • Podbean
  • Pocket Cast
  • Player FM
  • and more…

Didn’t find us on your app? Please comment below or hit us up on our social media accounts to request it and we’ll do our best!

Why you should subscribe

At time of writing, we’re offering two options, a lifetime paid membership for early subscribers and a free option.

Early subscribers

This gets you access to the exclusive extra content from our pod episodes. Whether this is a some funny bloopers or in-depth discussion that was a tangent from the main episode, you will get lifetime access to this as an early subscriber. No renewals, just the goodies for one single payment which is less than you might pay for coffee in a single week. This offer will end soon, so get in while the getting’s good.

With this option, you get to help keep the podcast going. Although we’re a small outfit, we still have to pay for equipment, guest travel, and the booze budget alone… You’d be doing us a solid.

Free membership

The free offering, on the other hand, is simple and doesn’t come with any baggage. You get updated by email every time a new episode is out. Rather than hunting around to find out when there is a brand new episode available, *boom*, it appears in your inbox to let you know. That’s it. No marketing BS, no reselling your info to dodgy lists. You don’t get the amazing extras, true, but you do get the warm fuzzy feeling of being part of it.

All you have to do is go to our subscriber registration page, add your details and pick your subscription.

So go ahead, what do you have to lose?

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