What can you expect from a Speculative Spaces Podcast episode?

TLDR; Chat, speculative fiction short story readings by the authors, SFF industry info, storytelling games, and more!

It depends on the guest. If they are a writer, they will probably have something to read for us, which we will lightly sprinkle with the magic of foley (sound effects) and a touch of music. Even if they aren’t a writer, we’ll no doubt talk about the wonderful world of SFF books.

Some of it will be very useful info for aspiring writers. Some of it will be fascinating insights into the minds of authors and other industry pros for readers and fans. We’ll combine warmth and human chat in a face-to-face setting and have some fun, too, with the occasional storytelling game, where appropriate.

We won’t be discussing the latest SFF movies (except in passing) because that area is well-serviced. You can find plenty of podcasts for that kind of thing already. Instead, we’re going to concentrate on the ability of science fiction, fantasy, horror (etc) books to transport readers to other worlds and universes. And generally nerd out about how awesome it is to create or read them.

Who’s your host?

E.M. Faulds, known to her friends as Beth, writes speculative fiction. Her first novel, Ada King (yes it’s an affiliate link), is available on Amazon now. She’s an Australian who made Scotland her home and found a fabulous group of people who love writing and reading SFF as much as she did mostly by accident when she found a link to the GSFWC.

She decided to set up a podcast because she kept asking her friends questions about writing, publishing, great locations to find more SFF and it just became obvious that this was something to share. She didn’t plan on it being a “writer’s writer” podcast, but that’s just down to the quality of her friends, without whose help this could never have happened (YOU ROCK!).

Starting with the Scottish SFF scene, she’s branching outwards, capturing the brilliance of writers and their amazing advice and experience for the benefit of all. And she gets to listen to some amazing works of fiction along the way. Everybody wins!

There aren’t many solo female podcast projects out there, so if you’re about supporting more women into the SFF world, please help us out with some word of mouth / social media amplification. If you’re not bothered either way, we still need your support to help bring this awesome, valuable content to life. SO, please let everyone and their doggo know about us!