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Worldcon Dublin 2019 bonus materials

Dublin Worldcon 2019 CCD

More from Beth and Heather’s Worldcon roadtrip including a shocking Game of Thrones confession, the Dune monologues, poisonous cosmetics, extreme horticulture plus a very special round of Werewolf vs Shark featuring Premee Mohamed and the Glasgow SF Writers’ Circle! (Who would win in a fight between the Phantom of the Opera, a basilisk, a manticore, […]

Worldcon Dublin 2019 – part 2

Dublin Worldcon 2019 CCD

More shenanigans from Heather and Beth as they immerse themselves in the experience of Worldcon! Plus interviews from Lottie and Nick of Aconyte Books (part of Asmodee Entertainment), Premee Mohamed, Jonathan L Howard, Zoe Sumra, Jo Lindsay Walton and many other super people!

Worldcon Dublin 2019 – part 1

Dublin Worldcon 2019 CCD

Beth and her pal Heather Valentine share the experience of their first Worldcon! This roadtrip special is also filled with our usual awesome interviews. In Part 1, hear from Fonda Lee, Darcie Little Badger, Joanne Hall and Roz Clarke, and Anna Smith Spark, among other fascinating people.

Episode 13 – Eastercon 2019 pt 3

Two BSFA winners! Sunday at Eastercon and we talked to Gareth L. Powell, fresh off the back of his win for best novel, also Tiffani Angus, Farah Mendlesohn, and Aliette de Bodard after her win for best non-fiction. The loud sound is the wind (and the occasional plane, bus, taxi…) but the second half is […]

Episode 12 – Eastercon 2019 pt 2.5

Part 2 of Saturday at Eastercon – had to split the day over 2 files because there were so many! This is the second file where I interview Allen Stroud (author, reviewer, con organiser and more), and authors Tade Thompson, Anna Smith Spark, and Jeannette Ng!

Episode 12 – Eastercon 2019 pt 2

Your round up from Saturday at Ytterbiumcon, the 70th Eastercon. I spoke to so many people of different parts of the writer’s community, at different stages in their careers and different challenges. Split into two files for size. The first file listen to Adrian Tchaikovsky, Ferdinand Page, John Jarrold, Mike Brooks. See the second file […]

Episode 11 – Eastercon 2019 pt 1

Your daily digest from Ytterbiumcon (Eastercon 70) held at the Park Inn, Heathrow. I talk to Stewart Hotston, author of Tangle’s Game (Rebellion) about financial disaster, and Dave Hutchinson, author of the award winning Europe series about a lot of things! Sorry for the sound quality but finding a quiet spot in a heaving convention (at an airport hotel) is quite hard.

Episode 010 – bonus materials

edinburgh skyline

Further chat and laughs with Ann Landmann about books and festivals. We talk about chairing a panel and getting tackled by the person you’re hosting, why you should never wear the Gruffalo suit, we get confused over the order of Joanne Harris’ Loki books and you hear far more about the inside of Beth’s house than you ever wanted to know. Plus bloopers and other silliness.