In one of the few nice things about 2020 for us, it appears we have been shortlisted for a podcasting award by the British Fantasy Awards!

British Fantasy Awards 2020 – Shortlists

Woohoo! Completely unexpected and we’d love to thank all our guests and those who voted for us! And of course, the support from the Glasgow SF Writers’ Circle. You guys rock!

If you’ve found us through this list, welcome. It’s been a bit quiet thanks to this year’s “interesting events”. But please do go listen to the back episodes and dip yourself back into the warmth of speaking to people about books and writing. You can find them on Spotify and other podcast listening apps by typing the name in and also here on this site: Episodes.

What do we do? We talk to writers of speculative fiction, and people who read it. In our episodes featuring those writers, we ask them to read some fiction and even add a little SFX to help take you into the story. We talk about their work and lives, all the stuff you wanted to ask but were too afraid! And in our convention specials, we get the atmosphere of the con and speak to as many people as we can get our hands on.

Hope you enjoy the selection!

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