Episode 006 – Christopher Napier & Don Redwood

psychedelic background

Our first double-guest episode with Christopher Napier and Don Redwood. Two SF story readings! Topics up for discussion: Writing in Scots, how to order pies in Aberdeen. Learn what NOT to do when you are trying to get published. And one of the most insane rounds of Werewolf versus Shark so far.

Episode 005 – Brian M. Milton

jelly babies

Science fiction and humour in the story by writer Brian M. Milton, who reads it on our podcast! Plus Doctor Who fandom chat and writing to bring the lives of smaller SFF characters to life. Gentle humour and whimsy throughout!

Episode 004 – Stewart Horn

zombie horror gore books

We delve into horror with Stewart Horn who read his story about a zombie invasion with a difference. We talk about why we love horror, why horror for children is important, how it has changed over time to embrace the complexities of modern life, and how it can help you as an LGBT+ person.

Episode 002 – Neil Williamson

We chat with fantasy and sci-fi author Neil Williamson about genre blurring. He reads us a short story that evokes the spirit of Glasgow and we discuss the pros and cons of indy publishing vs mainstream. And we get a tease of his upcoming novel.

Episode 001 – Hal Duncan

Hal Duncan – author of Vellum, Ink, Testament, and the Scruffians series – reads from some of his latest work! We talk about his early days writing SF in Glasgow, the importance of writing circles, anarcho-socialist influences from the Borribles, his upcoming work, and the worst (and best) ever critique he’s received.

Episode 0 – Teaser Trailer

What is Speculative Spaces the podcast all about? Get the skinny in under 3 minutes with our teaser trailer! Beth, your host, lays out the mission – hear snippets of guests sharing their love of speculative fiction, what it’s like to write it, and the fun we’ll have. A twinkling constellation of guests and fiction readings for your ears!