Episode 12 – Eastercon 2019 pt 2

Your round up from Saturday at Ytterbiumcon, the 70th Eastercon. I spoke to so many people of different parts of the writer’s community, at different stages in their careers and different challenges. Split into two files for size. The first file listen to Adrian Tchaikovsky, Ferdinand Page, John Jarrold, Mike Brooks. See the second file […]

Episode 11 – Eastercon 2019 pt 1

Your daily digest from Ytterbiumcon (Eastercon 70) held at the Park Inn, Heathrow. I talk to Stewart Hotston, author of Tangle’s Game (Rebellion) about financial disaster, and Dave Hutchinson, author of the award winning Europe series about a lot of things! Sorry for the sound quality but finding a quiet spot in a heaving convention (at an airport hotel) is quite hard.

Episode 010 – Cymera SF Book Festival with Ann Landmann

edinburgh skyline

Learn about how a book festival is made! Ann Landmann, founder of Cymera: Scotland’s Festival of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Writing, joins us to talk about the organisation, this year’s amazing highlights, and why you should come along to Edinburgh to check it out.

Episode 009 – Confessions of a Bookseller with D Franklin

sff book seller podcast interview

Behind the scene secrets for the UK’s leading book shop chain, Top 10 SFF books for 2019. Surprising answers to questions like: how are books selected by retailers? How can self-published books end up on mainstream shops’ shelves? Do people judge books by their covers? How can authors help promote their books in shops, even when they are shy?

Episode 008 – Shona Kinsella

SFF podcast with speculative fiction author Shona Kinsella. We hear an intriguing excerpt from Ashael Rising and learn all about her book series “The Vessel of KalaDene”. Discussed: discovery writing technique (AKA pantsing), challenging your default assumptions in a fantasy setting, the Unbound Books model of publishing, and online critiquing groups.

Episode 007 – Elaine Gallagher

trans literature special podcast

We talk about what writing can bring for a trans person, and why a non-LGBTQ+ person would be interested in these kinds of stories. We riff on the human condition and why it might need to be expanded (and how SF could be key to that). We immerse in the language of Tolkien, nursery rhymes, and folk songs. Elaine even gets her song on!

Episode 006 – Christopher Napier & Don Redwood

psychedelic background

Our first double-guest episode with Christopher Napier and Don Redwood. Two SF story readings! Topics up for discussion: Writing in Scots, how to order pies in Aberdeen. Learn what NOT to do when you are trying to get published. And one of the most insane rounds of Werewolf versus Shark so far.

Episode 004 – Stewart Horn

zombie horror gore books

We delve into horror with Stewart Horn who read his story about a zombie invasion with a difference. We talk about why we love horror, why horror for children is important, how it has changed over time to embrace the complexities of modern life, and how it can help you as an LGBT+ person.