We’re back baby!

Well, perhaps in a limited capacity but we shall be dusting of the microphones and heading to our first in-person event since the last episode. It’s like a joke where the bear asks a bartender for a …………… drink. If you don’t get it, you can ask for the punchline at the bar at FantasyCon! […]

BFA shortlist!

In one of the few nice things about 2020 for us, it appears we have been shortlisted for a podcasting award by the British Fantasy Awards! British Fantasy Awards 2020 – Shortlists Woohoo! Completely unexpected and we’d love to thank all our guests and those who voted for us! And of course, the support from […]

Fantasycon 2019 – our Insta shout outs!

Look at these wonderful people! (And me.) I wanted to see if Instagram videos (which are brand new to me) would work as a way of connecting writers and publishers to readers out there. It’s our first go! We think they worked great! Maybe you could use this technique to connect with your own audience? […]

Slowturn – Happy Friday! Have a video

If you follow us on Twitter, you might already have seen this, so… watch it again! Take five, put on headphones, and give yourself over to Slowturn! (be warned there is a little strobing in this). What the heck is this? This little number is our beloved theme tune slowed down so much it sounds […]

Join us on our voyage

Speculative Spaces episode 0 teaser trailer

The first dispatch from the good ship Speculative Spaces is soon coming to your ears via a miraculous combination of sonic waves and jarred lightning. THRILL! to the uncanny outpourings of speculative fiction’s finest LAUGH! at the banter, blether, and irreverent love for the imaginative RETURN! for bi-weekly broadcasts from Scotland