Episode 005 – bonus materials

jelly babies

Picking up the chat again with Brian M. Milton – some more Whovian questions, followed by other British television fandoms from his formative years and more recently. Some obscure gems worth checking out, and we namecheck heavily for screenwriters. Intriguing! Warning: one or two fizzy drinks may have been consumed. You must be logged in […]

Episode 004 Bonus Materials

zombie horror gore books

30 minutes of exclusive subscriber podcast content More chat with Stewart Horn. (Probably) NSFW! Jokes, digressions, outtakes and a longer discussion on being gay in 1980s Glasgow. Bonus hilarious horror limericks. I try to pronounce “Jörmungandr”, we discover the Terminator’s model numbers and ruminate on Godzilla’s biology, and then we tangent tango right into vegan […]

Episode 002 – Bonus Materials

Extra scifi & fantasy podcast content from Speculative Spaces. Our guest from episode 2, Neil Williamson, shares wisdom on writing, worldbuilding, and when to kill off your characters. Cosy chat for the aspiring writer or SF fan alike.

Episode 001 – Bonus Materials

Over 30 minute of exclusive subscriber content Hal Duncan tells us about the origins of his first novel, Vellum. We discuss books as objects of magic, illicit readings of Nostrodamus, and how his launch party nearly went disastrously wrong! Then we talk about rewriting the universe and being queer in the West of Scotland. It’s […]