Worldcon Dublin 2019 bonus materials

Dublin Worldcon 2019 CCD

More from Beth and Heather’s Worldcon roadtrip including a shocking Game of Thrones confession, the Dune monologues, poisonous cosmetics, extreme horticulture plus a very special round of Werewolf vs Shark featuring Premee Mohamed and the Glasgow SF Writers’ Circle! (Who would win in a fight between the Phantom of the Opera, a basilisk, a manticore, […]

Episode 010 – bonus materials

edinburgh skyline

Further chat and laughs with Ann Landmann about books and festivals. We talk about chairing a panel and getting tackled by the person you’re hosting, why you should never wear the Gruffalo suit, we get confused over the order of Joanne Harris’ Loki books and you hear far more about the inside of Beth’s house than you ever wanted to know. Plus bloopers and other silliness.

Episode 008 – bonus materials

24 (and a little bit) minutes of extra podcast content! We talk to Shona Kinsella some more about: writing and parenting, how to quickly switch into the author mindset, pantsing, and should you always have a love interest for your character? We also indulge in some literary iconoclasm, get emotionally involved with our characters and […]

Episode 007 – bonus materials

trans literature special podcast

Bonus exclusive subscriber content for Speculative Spaces fans! We talk again to Elaine Gallagher and she shares a poignant reading. The question, “Is it okay for a non-trans person to write a trans character?” is confronted. We also discuss how our futures used to look.

Episode 005 – bonus materials

jelly babies

Picking up the chat again with Brian M. Milton – some more Whovian questions, followed by other British television fandoms from his formative years and more recently. Some obscure gems worth checking out, and we namecheck heavily for screenwriters. Intriguing! Warning: one or two fizzy drinks may have been consumed. You must be logged in […]

Episode 004 Bonus Materials

zombie horror gore books

30 minutes of exclusive subscriber podcast content More chat with Stewart Horn. (Probably) NSFW! Jokes, digressions, outtakes and a longer discussion on being gay in 1980s Glasgow. Bonus hilarious horror limericks. I try to pronounce “Jörmungandr”, we discover the Terminator’s model numbers and ruminate on Godzilla’s biology, and then we tangent tango right into vegan […]