Please see fan questions and sponsors sections for specific info about that.

This podcast, and it’s supporting materials, wouldn’t be anything without the creators, advocates, and fans of SF. Want to be a guest? That might be tricky at the moment unless you can get to Glasgow. However, we do plan on attending SF cons in 2019 so we might be able to get to you there. If you are an SF author, a publisher of speculative fiction, or you are in some way related to the industry, at least let’s talk. It might not happen straight away, but why not get the ball rolling? Use the form at the bottom of this page and select “Guest”.

We are actively looking for other people to be a part of this endeavour, even if you don’t wish to guest on the show. If you

  • Write speculative fiction or poetry
  • Make art or films that centres around these genres
  • Are involved in the publishing industry
  • Develop RPGs or other games that have an SF leaning
  • Are a superfan with the chops to prove you know what you’re talking about
  • Have something else you want to promote that ties in with our theme

… and want an outlet to promote your work, or just would love to chat about what you love, then we would like to hear from you.

We are picky. But this may be a low-cost way for you to get the word out about your work. You might not get a mention on the podcast, but there are other outlets we will be running that include this website, social media feeds, email newsletters and so on that might mean a few more visitors to YOUR website, social media feed, portfolio site, etc.

So, do you have an author website? (Published or self-published, we don’t mind) And you want a link to it? We can find a way to do that.

Got a Deviant Art portfolio? Don’t mind us getting a little thumbnail of your work so we can link to it? Also very cool.

Written a couple of quatrains on the existential angst of a sentient AI? Yes, please!

Use the form below and choose “Other Contributor”.

Just please don’t try to sell us anything. We have no money anyway, you’d be wasting your time. Paid contributors are a long way down the track. Yeah, I know, the old “do it for exposure” thing. But I’m not asking you to do a bunch of work for free. I’m asking if you want us to promote what you’ve already done for free. Seem fairer? Donations of new work will also be gratefully received, credited, and appropriately linked. But be warned, do not send anything you’re hoping to get published elsewhere, as this will count as “first rights” and publication, meaning many will not accept it further down the line. Consider yourself warned!

…And don’t try to promote anything that has a “hatey” vibe. You know what I mean.

Everyone cool with that? Good, let’s go!