Prepare for launch

What is Speculative Spaces the podcast all about? Get the skinny in under 3 minutes with our teaser trailer! Beth, your host, lays out the mission – hear snippets of guests sharing their love of speculative fiction, what it’s like to write it, and the fun we’ll have. A twinkling constellation of guests and fiction readings for your ears!

OR Download media file to play later: Episode 0 – Podcast Introduction

Alternatively, search on your favourite podcasting app to see if we are available. We’ll be uploading to as many as we can, but these can take some time to go live, or may have gatekeeping protocols to prevent us listing. Either way, we’ll get to wherever we can as soon as we can!

I ask creators, fans, and advocates of speculative fiction from Scotland and beyond about why SF lights up their lives. From the writers, we hear short stories! Genres like science fiction, fantasy, horror, weird, and more are covered.

Join us for the ride.

Want to be a guest? If you are involved in SF, please read more about becoming a contributor. Want to sponsor a spot? Likewise!

And if you want to hear exclusive members-only content, please check out our subscription plans.

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