Hal Duncan – author of Vellum, Ink, Testament, and the Scruffians series – reads from some of his latest work! We talk about his early days writing SF in Glasgow, the importance of writing circles, anarcho-socialist influences from the Borribles, his upcoming work, and the worst (and best) ever critique he’s received.

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Content Advisory: Strong language!

This Episode’s Guest

Hal Duncan, SF author and Speculative Spaces podcast guest
Hal Duncan is the author of VELLUM and INK, more recently TESTAMENT, and numerous short stories, poems, essays, even some musicals. He’s also a book doctor, mentor and occasional editor. Homophobic hatemail once dubbed him “THE…. Sodomite Hal Duncan!!” (sic), and you can find him online at www.halduncan.com or at his Patreon for readings revelling in that role, or on Twitter as @hal_duncan. The Scruffians series and other works can also be found in chapbook, ebook and audiobook form on his Bandcamp

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Show Notes

References and extra info on what we were going on about. If there’s anything else you need explained, just comment below and we’ll add it in.

The Glasgow SF Writers’ Circle
Part support group, part social group, all SF authors’ group, the GSFWC is for writers of speculative fiction who want to receive constructive feedback on their work using the Milford Rules for critiques.

The Milford Rules
The method that the GSFWC uses for critiques.

The Borrible Trilogy by Michael de Larrabeiti
Inspiration for Hal Duncan’s Scruffians!

Spoofed in the Borribles as the SBG (Special Borrible Group)

A list of some Scots words for our International listeners!

Werewolf versus Shark league table

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