Fantasy and science fiction chat with Brian M. Milton. We talk about Doctor Who and why its fandom is so enduring. We hear his funny and touching story “The Lodger”, we chat about avoiding the “Great Man of History” trope, chocolate Dalek pinatas, and have a special Who-themed Werewolf Versus Shark!

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Content Advisory: Rampant loveliness.

This Episode’s Guest

sff author and podcast guest Brian M Milton

Brian M. Milton is a scribbler on the shores of short fiction, tippy tapping as it amuses him and occasionally producing something of mild interest. He has been a member of the Glasgow Science Fiction Writer’s Circle, on and off, since the late Nineties and has been getting stories published for the last five years. He has stories in anthologies such as Caledonia Dreamin’ and MCSI and in magazine markets such as Fireside Fiction and KZine.

Brian lives on the edges of Glasgow, caught between the urban and rural, and finds himself drawn to writing about the lighter side of things, and tea.

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Show Notes

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Fireside Fiction

Great man of history trope

“There’s nothing more scary than coming home and finding a Yeti on your loo in Tooting Bec”

Missing Dr Who episodes

The Brigadier

Scaroth of the Jagaroth

The Silurians

Werewolf versus Shark league table

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