Sneak a peek behind the scenes as bookseller D shares their secrets working for the UK’s leading book store, and excites us about their Top 10 SFF books to look out for in 2019. They also give surprising answers to questions like: how are books selected for the shelves? Do people judge books by their covers? How can authors help promote their books in shops, even when they are shy? And even more shocking: how self-published works could end up on the shelves and why you should never plan to publish in January! And who would win in a fight between Voldemort and Captain Marvel? (Oooh, nearly topical!)

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Content warning: some strong language. But mostly right at the end.

This Episode’s Guest

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D Franklin is a book seller for one of the UK’s biggest book retailers.

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Show Notes

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D’s Top Ten for 2019

(listen to the episode for why these books are MUST READ)

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February 2019

The City in the Middle of the Night
by Charlie Jane Anders
Publisher: Titan Books

Black Leopard, Red Wolf
by Marlon James
Publisher: Hamish Hamilton

The Raven Tower
by Ann Leckie
Publisher: Orbit

April 2019

A Memory Called Empire
by Arkady Martine
Publisher: Tor

May 2019

Ancestral Night
by Elizabeth Bear
Publisher: Gollancz

June 2019

by Karen Lord
Details TBC

The Deep
Rivers Solomon
Publisher: Simon & Schuster

July 2019

This Is How You Lose the Time War
by Amal El-Mohtar & Max Gladstone
Publisher: Gallery / Saga Press

September 2019

Gideon the Ninth
by Tamsyn Muir

October 2019

The City We Became
by N. K. Jemisin
Publisher: Orbit

Other name-checked books:

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