I went to Cymera SFF book festival in Edinburgh and interviewed L.J. MacWhirter, Elizabeth May, Justin Lee Anderson, Cameron Johnston, Anna Stephens, S.J. Morden, R.J. Barker, and Micah Yongo!

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Show Notes

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Cymera Book Festival official site
See episode 010 for a more detailed description of Cymera’s aims and organisation!

This Episode’s Guests

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L.J. MacWhirter has written Elizabethan period fantasy, her debut novel Black Snow Falling.

Elizabeth May is the author of the Falconer trilogy, YA Historical Fantasy.

Comedy fantasy with Justin Lee Anderson!

Gritty grimdark – magic and blades in Cameron Johnston‘s Age of Tyranny duology.

More grimdark! Gods and kings in Anna Stephens‘ Godblind trilogy

Simon Morden’s alter ego S.J. Morden writes about Mars in this duology. He also has a book out from NewCon Press soon!

R.J. Barker‘s Wounded Kingdom series – fantasy with assassins! And the Bone Ships – mighty dragon bone ships at sea!

Last but definitely not least, Micah Yongo – Jason Bourne meets Black Panther in his take on fantasy with assassins!

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