RJ Barker, author of the fantasy books The Bone Ships and The Wounded Kingdom trilogy talks to Speculative Spaces Podcast from his very antlered living room!

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This Episode’s Guest

RJ Barker, fantasy author

RJ Barker lives in Leeds with his wife, son and a collection of questionable taxidermy, odd art, scary music and more books than they have room for. He grew up reading whatever he could get his hands on, and has always been ‘that one with the book in his pocket’. Having played in a rock band before deciding he was a rubbish musician, RJ returned to his first love, fiction, to find he is rather better at that. As well as his debut epic fantasy novel, AGE OF ASSASSINS, RJ has written short stories and historical scripts which have been performed across the country. He has the sort of flowing locks any cavalier would be proud of”
– from RJBarker.com

He can also be found tweeting here: @dedbutdrmg

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Books by RJ Barker!


And featuring RJ:

The Hall of Antlers!

We were very lucky to get a chance to see RJ’s unique home near Leeds, and its wondrous contents!

Episode references!

Glamis Castle
(Pronounced “Glams”) this castle is in Scotland and has a lot of ghosts!

Royal Armouries Museum at Leeds

elephant armour at Leeds Royal Armoury

Elephant Armour at The Royal Armouries, Leeds

Anna Smith Spark

Dave Hutchinson

The Usborne Book of the Unknown: Ghosts

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