Part 2 of Fantasycon and we catch up with Michael Kelly of Undertow Publications, Priya Sharma, Georgina Bruce, David Thomas Moore, editor for Rebellion Publishing, Ruth EJ Booth, Tasha Suri, Cheryl Morgan of Wizard’s Tower, book blogger Runalong Womble, and Guest of Honour, Paul Tremblay. Many of our guests on this ep were nominees or winners of British Fantasy Awards!

This Episode’s Guests

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Michael Kelly of Undertow Publications, BFA winner

Priya Sharma, BFA winner

Georgina Bruce, BFA nominee

David Thomas Moore, editor for Rebellion Publishing

Ruth EJ Booth, BFA winner

Tasha Suri, BFA winner

Paul Tremblay, Guest of Honour and BFA nominee

Cheryl Morgan of Wizard’s Tower Press (nominated for BFA)

And Runalong Womble with his book blog Run Along the Shelves which includes info on the Subjective Chaos Awards.

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