These terms and privacy policies relate to the podcast, website, data storage, and customer contact methods.

Who are we?
Speculative Spaces Podcast (SSP for short) is run by Elizabeth Faulds and the small company Jellydigio. We’re based in the United Kingdom. I say “we”, it’s really just one person trying to make their way in a world of corporate giants. Read our About page for more personal info on who is behind SSP.

Terms of Use

Our podcast and website are suitable for people over the age of 18. We abide by the laws of the United Kingdom, as of 2018.

Some of this site’s functionality is enhanced by cookies. And advertisers may track who has clicked on my affiliate links via cookies. That’s just how the system works, I’m afraid. Cookies are just very small files that contain a little bit of stored information to say you have visited a site, or requested something. They will not send anything to other parties that you didn’t visit. You can opt out of cookies by using your browser’s setting to block them, however this may affect your enjoyment and convenience of this site. Listen, I don’t make the rules.

Affiliate links
Sometimes links we provide in this site use our affiliate code so that we may get a small (like, really freaking small) commission in the vague hopes that one day this might add up to enough to help support the podcast. You do not pay any difference in price to if you just wandered onto their site by accident. So there is no harm to your pocket by clicking through our links.

Comments on our website
You agree to not post defamatory or hateful words. SSP reserve the right to refuse to publish any comments that don’t meet this standard, or for any other reason at their discretion.

Access to content on website
You agree to not attempt to access materials other than as stipulated in your subscriber membership, or publicly available. You may access the podcasts through third party platforms, such as podcast apps. You may download a copy of the podcasts available to your membership to a device such as a music player, for your own personal consumption.

You agree not to share any audio files or other content that is protected by subscription membership, such as “bonus” or “exclusive” materials. This revenue generated by paid subscriber membership is how we keep the podcast going, so don’t destroy us!

But sharing of publicly available information, such as public pages, and the website URL is not only permitted, it’s positively encouraged. Please use your social media accounts to share our publicly available work, especially if you want to hear more in the future!

Our materials are provided as is, without any warranty. If you have difficulty playing our podcasts or accessing our site, we will help where possible, and to a reasonable extent.

Although offense is never intended, any complaints about our content should be made by using the contact features on our site. We will do our utmost to ensure vulnerable people do not receive undue distress, and that things are kept generally friendly. We do not accept responsibility for statements made by guests on our show but will do our best not to broadcast any that are deemed unsuitable for an adult audience.

Our content is for personal use only, and should not be used in a commercial setting. SSP retain all IP and rights to content except for author readings or excerpts, in which case, the author retains all IP and rights. No work should be reproduced without permission. Allowance for short quotes or excerpts of our work (under 30 seconds play time or under 100 words text) will be made where attribution and link back to the original source (and author in case of readings) is provided. For any other usage, please contact us for our decision. Who knows, we might be able to share some of your stuff, too.


Data Protection Officer – Elizabeth Faulds acts as DPO and you can get in touch via the contact page of this site. User data is stored within databases via our hosting company IONOS. Some of these files may be physically hosted in the EU, but are accessed via our website and hosting service.

We’re concerned with your privacy and want to keep our website as compliant as possible. We don’t directly pass your data to any third parties, but certain systems such as Google Analytics, Google Ad Sense, and others may collect some of your data to provide customised services such as tailored advertising, or use it for the purposes of data modelling. This is outwith our control and you should be able to change your settings directly with any of these third party organisations, or check your browser settings. Yes, the system we use has cookies, but these can also be blocked using your browser settings. We don’t work with the intention of invading privacy, but some of these systems just work that way. Sigh.

What we use your data for
If you take up a subscription,(whether paid for or free), we use your data to help provide you with the services you request, such as access to locked content or contacting you via email to notify about new content. We do this with as much discretion as we can and promise not to sell your information on. You do not require a subscription to gain access to our publicly available content, you may simply visit the site. We don’t use your data to market to you, only inform you of new posts (which admittedly may contain marketing words, or discounts) or about your user membership. We do the majority of our  marketing via the site itself or our social media accounts, so if you are interested in any of our other marketed materials, or discount offers, please seek us out there.

If you do have a subscription, you have the right to request your data at any time, and you can see what information we have for our subscription service by logging in to your account. You may also request deletion at any time for all your data by contacting us. You may also unsubscribe from automated update emails, but keep your subscription open. It’s your life! You have the right to request your comments be deleted, including any meta data that may be visible on the public website that contains PII (Personally Identifiable Information).

We do not keep your payment detail on our system – this is kept within PayPal’s own systems and we may only access your name and basic contact details as part of the records of payment we are required to keep. We do no payment processing via our website, so all your card details and so forth are none of our business.